Meet The Raconteurs


Rob Paeprer

A recently-retired food industry exec, Rob literally grew up across the street from the ballfields and courts of School 32 in Yonkers, leaving his parents to never worry about where he was.  A good all-around athlete who was involved in all sports, including marathons running and Tough Mudder lunatic obstacle course challenges. A graduate of Fordham University, he now spends the majority of his free time mastering the game of golf.


Charlie Safarowic

I'm Chuck and I will be handling the social media accounts for SportsRacx, and contributing with blogs a few times a week.  I am a Philadelphia born and raised sports fan who went to college in Long Island and the Bronx for 8 years, where I played Division III football for one season but turned in my helmet for a scrum cap to find my true passion in rugby, which I have been playing since 2009.  While in New York, I met many friends who were hopeless Mets fans and began to sympathize with them as a part-time hobby.  That hobby turned into a passion, which now sees me as a rare unicorn of a fan, being a fan of both the Mets and Phillies, along with the Sixers and Eagles. 


Rich Benedetto 

Born and raised in New England, I grew up a Yankees, Giants, and Rangers fan.  I stayed loyal to those teams all my life, not such an easy thing to do.  Been through good times and bad. I am also a racing fan and even participate in SIM racing.  I am a techy and a gadget guy and help keep things running around here.   

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Steven Maggi

Maggi worked in communications, primarily on radio, in the fields of music, sports, and entertainment. More than 30 years later, he has received critical acclaim as one of the finest interviewers on radio. Maggi’s secret? It’s not an interview show. He invites listeners to experience a conversation with some of today’s most interesting people. This style tends to bring out unexpected answers.


Ken Safarowic

A recovering Stockholm Syndrome victim, Ken grew up in New York caring about little more than the Giants, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers.  Since moving to the Philadelphia area many years ago and marrying a daughter of Concrete Charlie Bednarik, he gradually and unknowingly got sucked in by the dark side and became a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Therapy did not work and he still owns more green attire than legally and sartorially acceptable.   In retaining some degree of stability he has remained a Yankees fan, due in part to the fact that he does not look good in red.


Jeff Giglio

A native New Yorker, Jeff has held up remarkably well despite the ordeal associated with being a long-suffering Jets and Mets fan. He escaped to the San Diego area many years ago, but his efforts to follow the Padres and Chargers have brought him little relief. In recent years, his most enjoyable moments have been wandering in the paddocks or hanging on the rail at Del Mar race track, where he has been known to cash the occasional winning ticket.


Upton Bell

No biographical memoir is more aptly titled than Upton Bell’s ‘Present at the Creation, My Life in the NFL and the Rise of America’s Game’. Everyone knows about what a great monolithic beast the NFL is today. Unfortunately fewer people know, and those who don’t should,  that Upton’s father Bert, was the first great commissioner in league history.  Much of what we take for granted today was initiated by Bert Bell and young Upton could be found at his knee.


Upton never says ‘hello’ when he picks up a phone, rather rolls immediately into an anecdote that reflects the news of the day. One of America’s most treasured story tellers, Upton was a longtime scout personnel director and front office executive with the Baltimore Colts and New England Patriots.  He also headed up the Carolina franchise in the WFL and in recent years is best known as the popular long time host of a number of New England TV and radio shows.