The gang at Sports Racs are a group of lifelong sports geeks of varying ages who all have an

ear and deep appreciation for great storytelling and reminiscences of the people, places and

events we grew up reading about, watching and listening to. In many cases on black and white

television sets or a transistor radio tucked under a pillow.

Our guest Raconteurs, most you’ve heard of, and some you probably haven’t, all come with one

common characteristic--they know how to tell a helluva story. These are the guys and gals you

wouldn’t mind spending a day in a golf cart with, then tossing back a beer at the end of the day.

For us, the guest selection is like collecting baseball cards as a kid. When we lock down a new

guest, it’s the same thrill as opening up a wax pack and finding a Mantle, Mays or Koufax card

and with our free flow, let it rip show style, we want our audiences to feel the same excitement.

Crack a cold one and listen for our next show or scan the archives on our podcast page, you’re

in for a good story.